One of the most comprehensive air conditioner tune-ups available in the industry. 

Lubricate all moving parts. 

lnstall gauges, record pressures/temp. 

Check air filter, replace with home owner supply. 

Measure superheat to fine tune refrigerant level. 

Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow. 

Clean the outdoor condenser coil. 

Check blower motor (and belt if applicable). 

Test temp drop at return and supply air. 

Safety test all controls for proper operation. 

Amperage readings on all motors, test bearings. 

Test operation and condition of compressor contacts. 

Inspect capacitors and relays for rust and leaks. 

Tighten and test all wires and connections.

Clean thermostat and confirm proper operation. 

Turn humidifier off for summer non-operation. 

Check outdoor disconnect (if applicable).

Spring Special | 17-Point Tune Up

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Test for Carbon Monoxide. 

Test for gas leaks up to furnace shut off valve. 

Check air filter, replace with home owner supply. 

Check humidifier operation, change for winter operation. 

Test and adjust operation of safety and operating controls. 

Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter. 

Monitor for combustion leaks. 

Test gas valve operation.

Check blower motor (and belt if applicable) 

Test and tighten all wiring and connections. 

Adjust burner for maximum efficiency. 

Clean burners and inspect heat exchanger.

Clean and adjust thermostat. 

Lubricate all motors, bearings, fans and circulators. 

Clean and adjust pilot assembly. Clean flame sensor.

Fall Special | 17-Point Furnance Inspection

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